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Story by Lindsay for Suzanne Collins Part 1 of 3 (4 Chapters)

Dear Miss Collins,

The next 3 posts are a story that my 14 year old daughter, Lindsay, wrote about Cato.  She knows it needs work and that the transitions could be better and fleshed out more.  She also can't decide on a title for the book.  Do you have a suggestion?  I, and everyone who's read it, thinks it is quite good and we are very proud.

She is honoured that you have said you would read it.  She also LOVES the "Underland Chronicles".  She read those books first.

Thank you again

Part 1 of 3

Chapter 1  "Don't leave me"
"Morning cupcake" Cato's voice rings in my ear. "morning warrior" I say as I open my eyes, he is sitting at the foot of my bed holding my reaping dress folded on his lap. "I will be downstairs honey" he whispers as he hands me the dress and kisses me on my cheek. I get dressed quickly and braid my hair into a bun on the top of my head. I brush on some light pink blush and some lipgloss then I skip downstairs. My parents are cooking breakfast and Cato is sitting at the table. "You look beautiful" he says to me, he stands up and lifts me off my feet into a hug. I squeal and he lets me down. My parents smile at each other, "breakfast is ready" my mother calls out. We sit at the table and eat quickly. After we are dismissed we walk around district two holding hands. "Are you really going to do it?" I ask him. "I have to, I have to bring pride to our district" he replies. "but what if you don't make it out?"  I ask "what if some tribute from… twelve or something surprises you?" I continue. He laughs "that won't happen" he says "but what if--" "No, shadow I will win for you" he says "I love you" he continues "when I come back I want you to be my wife" he gets down on one knee with a ring, it's beautiful, gold with rubies and obsidian gems. "Yes, I love you so much Cato" I say crying a little "now I really don't want you to volunteer" I cry out as he hugs me tight "alright" he whispers "I won't" OUr lips find each other as he slips the ring on my finger. 

Chapter 2 "You're not alone"
We head to the reaping, my arms start to tremble, Cato looks over and notices, he grabs my hand. "Everything is going to be ok boo boo bear" he whispers gently. As always his dazzling eyes startle me. My hands find his face and absentmindedly my thumb traces his lips as I whisper back "as long as I have you." We sign in at the justice building and before we part ways to our separate sides is lips find mine. We separate slowly as we whisper in sync "I love you" I let out a giggle and look down he cups my chin and brings my eyes to meet his once more "see you soon" he whispers we finally part our eyes lingering on each other as we do so. The reaping begins, the film seems to go on forever so I tune it out. I think about what life will be like once I marry Cato. "Shadow Karrington" my name blasts over the speakers, all the images of the wedding vanish. I have been reaped. "NOOO" my cousin Clove crys out "I volunteer" she says firmly and steps out of the crowd. "Go Shadow" she says and walks forward I attempt to grab her arm but the peacekeepers are already upon her and bringing her up to the stage. How could today get any worse? "Whats your name dear?" our escort asks her. "Clove" she says firmly. "Now for the boys" the escort calls out, I hold my breath "Jaxyn Hawkes" the name rings out through the square "I volunteer as tribute" I look to the boy that spoke. I had recognized the lice but didn't want to believe it. 

It was Cato.

Chapter 3 "Final Farewells"
I burst into the room and run into cat's arms, "you promised" I cry he hugs me and holds me close. "I know" I pauses "I wasn't going to let Clove go in alone" he comforts me. "But only one comes out Cato, either way I lose one of you" I cry burying my in his arm "I love you so much Cato" I murmur "I love you too Shadow" he replies, our lips find each other for a while and then I am dragged out of the room "times up" the peacekeepers say to me "I love you" I scream the door slams shut just in time for me to hear "I love you more" escape from Cato's lips, I calm down a little bit "I love you most" I whisper knowing he can't hear me anymore. Next I am taken into Cloves room, I hug her "you didn't have to volunteer for me" I tell her "Yes I did Shadow" she murmurs "Well, thanks" I cry into her shoulder "I will make sure he gets out for you" she tells me "I promise." "But I don't want to lose you either" I cry. "I know, but you deserve Cato" she sees the ring on my engagement finger "Oh no Shadow, I'm so sorry" she hugs me tighter, I cry harder. The doors burst open "Goodbye Clove" I yell "Goodbye Shadow" she waves as the doors slam in my face. I collapse on the floor at the peacekeepers feet. My life is over.

Chapter 4 "Torn"
I sit at home watching the live stream of the train ride to the capitol my eyes stays on the District two car the whole time, it's about 4:00 am but I stay in the same position my eyes staring blankly at the car not bothering to move. I fiddle with my ring, I can't move. My soul is torn…


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